Break New Sound is a music blog based in Scotland and Sweden. We write about all things music and cover the vibrant and ever changing music scenes of Stockholm, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. The blog was started in the autumn of 2018  by Fanny Hällegårdh and Alexander Bergström.

Alexander Bergström

Alexander is a digital marketer and amateur DJ based. He enjoys working with websites in his spare time and helping friends out on projets including Smartahogtalare.se (a tech blog about mart Speakers and Smart Lighting), Stirlingtaxiguide.co.uk, Egoligolf.com and most recently the pet website djurcentrum.se  and the website of electric scooter startup, Eltra.

Best album right now:

TIM – Avicii.

Best series right now:

Hmm… that would probably be Tunn Is . Great new series from Cmore.

Best way to listen to music:
Alex is currently scratching his head trying to figure out which speaker is the best in the google home vs amazon echo speaker battle. Not an easy battle!