Break New Sound Premiere: Oh Amphibian

Oh Amphibian - Sverige

Every now and then a new music project comes on the block with the potential to really shuffle things around. At Break New Sound we are thrilled to introduce Oh Amphibian, a brand new music project from Gothenburg influenced by the likes of Bon Iver and Tinariwen. We spoke with Rasmus Blomberg about the project and his debut EP that is currently being recorded.

Rasmus is no stranger to us at Break New Sound having spent a term abroad in Stirling and Scotland as an exchange student.

After leaving Scotland and returning to Sweden, I stayed in contact with Rasmus over Facebook and when I started seeing a video clip come up in my newsfeed from his first gig as Oh Amphibian, I decided to get in touch with Rasmus  to find out more about this new project.

How did Oh Amphibian come about?

“Oh Amphibian has been a long time in the making, but it wasn’t until this autumn it started to come together. I already had a lot of song ideas and even had a few songs that were ready. Now I’ve been working with getting it all together under one name. I first went public with it in November.”

Who inspires you? And what would you say your influences are? 

I get inspiration from a lot of different artists and places. The North American indie scene inspires me and influences my music, but you can also hear influences from West-African blues. To name drop a few influences:  Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Jose Gonzalez, Tinariwen. But if you were to summarize Oh Amphibian’s music, you could probably call it pop.

What’s next for Oh Amphibian?

Going into the studio to record an EP that will be released in early 2019. Worth mentioning is that although Oh Amphibian is mainly a solo project, I will be entering the studio with several musicians to put together his first EP.  After that I am hoping to play a few shows. There might be another EP-release in the pipeline for the spring. The whole project is like a journey: Oh Amphibian will continue to develop and grow along the way.

You can read more about Oh Amphibian and follow the project on Facebook or Instagram.


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First Oh Amphibian gig. Felt so great! Thanks to everyone who showed up! #ohamphibian #dirtyrecords #gothenburgmusic

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