Singer songwriter Feliks Divelli moves back to Sweden

feliks divelli

The singer songwriter Feliks Divelli has recently moved back to Stockholm, Sweden following a successful 2.5 year long stint in the UK.  During his years in the UK, Feliks was an active part of the vibrant music scenes in cities such as Stirling and Glasgow in Scotland and London in England.

His time in the UK saw him play iconic venues such as King Tuts in Glasgow (where Oasis were “discovered”) as well as holding a number of residences and gigs in Stirling (Settle Inn), Glasgow and London.

When we got a chance to ask Feliks over e-mail what was behind the move, he came back stating that he was simply looking for a change.

I am moving home to rethink my approach, take a break and to rediscover what Stockholm has to offer! – Feliks Divelli

Update: Plans for 2019 and beyond

In the late summer of 2019, Feliks Divelli is planning a move back to Germany in order to study music and song writing in Hamburg. He also recently launched the streaming website together with myself (Alex from Breaknewsound) as a new venture.

Divelli’s latest release was the single “For Each Other” which came out earlier this year and is available for streaming on Spotify.

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