Paul McCartney at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow

paul mccartney live glasgow hydro

3 years after seeing Paul McCartney live for the first time, our resident Beatles expert Alex got the chance to see him live again just round the corner from his office block in Glasgow, Scotland. Read the full review here.

A near perfect 3-hour long show from the one and only Paul McCartney
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(Please note: This post may contain spoilers, so if you intend to see Paul McCartney live anytime soon, look away!)

Whatever you think of Paul McCartney, it is certainly one giant feat to at the age of 76 be able to play a 3 hour long set (taking only one  short micro-break).  As part of his Freshen Up Tour, Paul stopped by Glasgow and the SSE Hydro for a concert that I have been looking forward to a long time.

In fact, I bought my tickets way back in the middle of summer. Although they set me back almost £150 (because I got tickets on the 7th row), as soon as I walked into the SSE Hydro, I KNEW the tickets would be worth their price.

I have to bring up my good seats because I think it made a great difference to my concert experience. Of course I could not help but share this with all my friends on Facebook before the concert actually started.


The Audience

Anyone who has been to a concert in Glasgow knows that there is nothing quite like a Glaswegian crowd. The audience was a nice mix of older people, locals, dads with their kids, younger couples and even plenty of tourists, including a large gathering of Japanese Beatles fans that Paul gave a special shout out to during the show.

It is so clear that the music of The Beatles and Paul McCartney really brings together people from all ages: From people who are the same age as Paul himself to a new generation of Beatles fans who might have grown up with the likes of Beatles Rock Band or listening to The Beatles on Spotify.


McCartney’s song catalogue spans across more than 7 decades and there are of course always going to be good songs “excluded” as there is no way to fit them all in. It would have been nice to see songs in the setlist at Hydro like Here There and Everywhere along with Yesterday, but overall it was a very good setlist.

Paul McCartney Setlist The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland 2018, Freshen Up

And in the end…

And at the end of it all… I can’t help thinking the same thing I thought after my first McCartney concert 3 years ago: I need to see Paul live on stage at least one more time. After all, he is a living legend…



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